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Hi! I'm Cecy and I like to make memes.


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1 day ago

Please JS

Make a random Pleasing color. Please. via Pocket

1 day ago

Objecticons Collaborative Collection

What if the inanimate objects we encounter on a daily basis had personalities? How would they feel? What would they express? This playful collection brings everyday objects to life by having them portray emotions related to their function and appearance. via Pocket

1 day ago

We Are All Bad Programmers

In working with students over the past several years, it’s become very clear to me that people perceive their skills in two ways: terrible, or the best. 90% of people fall into the former. Again, I have this conversation literally once a week. via Pocket

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Emoji cheat sheet

Emoji emoticons listed on this page are supported on Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp, Redbooth, Trac, Flowdock, Sprint.ly, Kandan, Textbox.io, Kippt, GitLab, Redmine, JabbR, Trello, Hall, plug. via Pocket

1 month ago

Women in tech finding support in growing Austin meetup groups

Before the presentation begins, there’s Mexican food and a little getting-to-know-you among those gathered on a Thursday night in a large room at Rackspace Inc.’s Austin offices. Everyone is here, at a “study group” meeting of Women Who Code ATX, to learn something. via Pocket

1 month ago

6 Steps to a Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

When a shopper walked into my grandpa’s store in Cranford, New Jersey, in 1955, he received a firm handshake and personal service. Grandpa Ted would walk his customers around the store, learning about their lives and needs through conversation. via Pocket

1 month ago

How I Shaved 10 Seconds Off Page Load Time

Do you wish your site loaded quicker? We all want our site to load as quick as possible for our users convenience and to keep Googlebot happy. via Pocket

1 month ago

The Myths of Innovation

Since its initial publication, this classic bestseller has been discussed on NPR, MSNBC, CNBC, and at Yale University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Amazon.com, and other major media, corporations, and universities around the world. via Pocket

1 month ago

Cook pasta and sauce in just one pot. No big pan of boiling water required. Amazing.

We make pasta and sauce many times a week, but never like this. Life-changing stuff. This pasta recipe, from the heart of Puglia, Italy, only requires one pan. No second pot for your pasta. Everything. All. Together. via Pocket

1 month ago