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Best Austin Lunch Ever.

Why I love living in Austin.

You go to lunch to grab a pizza at Home Slice, and you get to meet Jesse Eisenberg.

I am not one to ask for pictures from “celebs,” but I have loved Jesse Eisenberg since he was in a tiny, little-known indie film called THE LIVING WAKE. He was a supporting character in that film and he did a brilliant job.

Ever since then, I have seen his career develop. Who’d have thought that kid from this tiny indie movie would one day be nominated for an Oscar!

THE LIVING WAKE is one of my favorite movies of the last 10 years, and is available on Netflix streaming.

P.S. He is super cute, skinny and taller than me! (And I had heels on!) I just love that curly hair! Also, his eyes are beautiful! Totally swooning over here.

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